Freaky Friday (1976) Rated G

A mother and daughter both wish to walk in each other’s shoes and find that they’ve switched bodies for a day. Starring Barbara Harris, Jodie Foster, and John Astin.

I’ve never seen this movie before. I’ve just watched it for the first time. Surprisingly, it’s not what I expected. I’ve always thought it was magic that caused the mother and daughter to switch places, but it was just that they each made a wish at the same time – this, I loved. It wasn’t witchcraft or anything magical that made the switch happen. Of course, that is a stretch in and of itself, but it was a clean way of telling the story. Everyone talks about this film as one of Jodie Foster’s finest performances, but I have to say that Barbara Harris is who surprised me the most. It’s easier for a child to act like an adult than it is for an adult to act like a child. In most remakes of this film, the performance by the adult actor portraying a child is lacking, but Harris knocked it out of the park. This film is worth a watch.

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