Friends With Better Lives (CBS) Rated TV-14

A comedy of six friends who think each other has it better. Starring James Van Der Beek, Majandra Delfino, and Zoe Lister-Jones.

This show is very reminiscent of Friends. That’s unfortunate, but this show doesn’t do anything to make it any different than Friends. The show’s premise is that each friend believes that the other friends have it better. The show has a married couple, a single woman, an engaged couple, and a divorced man. From the first episode, the storyline just doesn’t seem to hold up. You can almost see where the writers are going to go with these characters, and where they are going isn’t intriguing enough to follow through nine years. Plus, the jokes were flat. I wish this show were different than Friends, but I had also hoped this show would be at least just as good if not better. Alas, it isn’t, making it not worth a watch.

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