Growing up Fisher (NBC) Rated NR

Growing up FisherA family in the midst of going through a divorce, the kicker in this show, the father’s blind. Starring J.K. Simmons, Eli Baker, Ava Deluca-Verley, Lance Lim, Jenna Elfman

I really enjoyed this pilot. It’s very reminiscent of The Wonder Years. A coming of age show with a preadolescent boy trying to deal with the divorce of his parents all the while being the eyes of his father. I thought the actors all fit their roles perfect. They were all believable in their roles but I did wonder about the age difference between Jenna Elfman and J. K. Simmons. There’s a story there, there has to be. This is just a cute, fun, enjoyable show that just makes you happy. I hope it stays on the air for a while.



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