Let the Fire Burn (2013) Rated NR

The history of the conflict between the City of Philadelphia and the Black Liberation organization, MOVE, as they lead to the violent confrontation in 1985. Starring Birdie Africa, Ramona Africa, and Wilson Goode.

The film centers on the MOVE organization mostly and whether it is an organization or a cult. I’m leaning toward cult due to the fact that they follow the strategy of one man and everyone adopts his surname. Then the next question is, is it a terrorist group or an organization? That’s still up for debate. The documentary uses community hearing and testimony from members, real film footage, and some reenactments. Mostly, it highlights that the MOVE group refused to abide by laws; they tried to come off as a peaceful counter-culture group, but that doesn’t show. The violent confrontation is a tragedy – there is no denying that, but what lead to that conflict is both Philadelphia’s and MOVE’s fault. The film leans toward sympathizing with MOVE.  This documentary is not worth a watch.

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