Celebrity Legacies (Reelz) Rated TV-14

A factual series that looks at celebrities legacies after they have passed. Starring Danielle Mayoras, Andy Mayoras, and Richard M Dumont.

This series is just multiple commentators talking about the death and subsequent legacies that stars leave behind. It’s interesting to hear how and what the celebrities leave behind for their family – or rather what they don’t leave for their family. Of course, the commentators only know about what is in the papers – no family members are actually speaking out about the legacies. To top it off, the commentators actually seem gleeful when talking about the celebrity’s death and the subsequent family bickering after the death. It also seems like they are enjoying the downtrodden. It’s an interesting look at the legacies, but it doesn’t have any new information or interesting commentators. The show is one that can be worth a watch just to see the life of the celebrity.

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