Petals on the Wind (2014) Rated TV-14

Petals on the Wind, the sequel to Flowers in the Attic (2014),  takes place a decade after the Dollanganger children escape from their grandparents’ attic. The secrets that the Dollanganger children try to hide about their past won’t stay hidden; Cathy returns to Foxworth Hall to confront and seek revenge against their grandmother and mother. Based on the book by V.C. Andrews.  Starring Heather Graham, Rose McIver, and Wyatt Nash.

This adaption of the book doesn’t seem to flow as well as Flowers in the Attic. It’s almost like the film is rushing through and only the highlights of the book are told. However, I have never read the books – they’re too disturbing for me to read, and it’s just as disturbing to watch, but I can stomach the watching rather than the reading. Although, the film is jarring, and it just doesn’t flow. The actors all played their parts well. I enjoyed McIver as the Dollanganger, but Nash doesn’t seem as confident in his role. This film was lacking on so many levels compared to Flowers in the Attic, which makes it not worth a watch.

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