King Charles III (2017) Rated NR

The film covers what it would be like if Charles were to ascend to the throne. He refuses to sign the first bill brought to him, which initiates political chaos. Starring Tim Pigott-Smith, Oliver Chris, and Richard Goulding.

First off, the film is done completely in verse, which makes sense at times, but at other times, it’s rather annoying. The filmmakers seem to take creative proprieties with the characters. There are a lot of reactions amongst the royalty that don’t make sense considering how we view the monarchy. I really enjoyed Charlotte Riley’s performance as Kate. She doesn’t take the back seat to her role. She also makes the most sense in her character. She seems to react the most like how I imagine her character would respond in the hypothetical situation. They also hit pretty close to how Prince Harry would be during this situation. Those are the only high points to the film; otherwise, it is not worth a watch.


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