Santa Fe Trail (1940) Rated NR

In 1854, a group of graduates from West Point heads out to Kansas, where they’ll keep the peace, so the railroad construction continues onto Santa Fe. Starring Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, and Raymond Massey.

The film is about the abolitionist John Brown and his campaign with a subplot of Flynn and Ronald Reagan vying for de Havilland’s hand. The film is confusing as it doesn’t know what genre it is going for – it’s a biographical, romance, and war story. The film doesn’t give us a side with the North and the South fighting during the Civil War. Although, the men fighting over the lady each pick a side. I know a little about John Brown, and Massey’s portrayal of him keeps you glued to the screen, but I’m not sure how historically correct the film is. The film, even with all the subplots that take you in different paths, comes together, making the film worth a watch.


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