A Different World (NBC) Rated TV-PG

A spin-off of The Cosby Show, where Denise Huxtable goes off to college and discovers a different world. Starring Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison, and Darryl M. Bell.

This show doesn’t stand out. It starts with Denise Huxtable going off to college and learning how the world works outside her family. It’s a pleasant first episode, but there isn’t much to the show. It looks like it could grow, but at times, Lisa Bonet, who plays Huxtable, doesn’t look that interested in her character or the story. She looks bored and just not into it. Jasmine Guy, as Whitley Gilbert, is what makes the show interesting. Then you have the character Dwayne Wayne whose in love with Gilbert. You know they’ll be going back and forth every season. If the show finds it’s footing, it would one to watch, making it worth the watch.

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