Dumbo (2019) Rated PG

A young elephant is born with large ears that enable him to fly. Starring Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, and Danny DeVito.

If you thought that the original was sad and depressing, this one exceeds the original in the sadness. What’s more, is that this story lacks the heart that the original had. This version lengthens the story by adding to the plot; it’s more than an elephant separated from his mother and learning to fly. The elephant has to find his mother, rescue the circus crew, learn to fly, and discovers how mean the new owner is. The story has many twists to the plot. The film uses a lot of CGI, which isn’t surprising when you’re talking about a flying elephant – especially since he flies throughout most of the film and not just the last five minutes. It’s a lot of money. The start of the film makes you really anticipate the story and the love between a mother and son, but once the film introduces its villain (and it isn’t whom you think it is), the film changes tactic and emotion. This film isn’t worth a watch.

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