Into the Woods (2014) Rated PG

A witch asks a childless baker to get impossible items together in order to reverse the curse on his family. Starring Anna Kendrick, Daniel Huttlestone, and James Corden.

I’ve never been a fan of the story of Into the Woods. I’ve never liked the twists and the unhappy endings of the traditional fairy tales. These are not the Grimm Fairy Tales. The Grimm Fairy Tales did not have adultery, incest, and suicide. I know they think they are telling the real-life stories behind the fairy tales, but to me, James Lapine just wanted to write the unconventional side of a story. This story makes me queasy. This movie didn’t make me feel any worse than the first time I saw it on stage. Stephen Sondheim’s music is still brilliant. The costumes were brilliant; in fact, I would say they’re the best thing about this film. This film brings together a large cast of Hollywood stars, some of which can sing and others that can’t. Some are brilliant in their acting and others – not so much. I will say I thought this film was better than the stage musical, but it’s still not worth a watch.


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