In a Man’s World (Bravo) Rated TV-PG

A group of women tackles gender issues while going undercover as men. Starring Lou Elsey and Dave Elsey.

At first, I thought, “oh, no, another show that wants to push the agenda that women and men aren’t equal,” but this show takes on the task that men do treat women differently than men – and not equally, either. I have noticed this in my own life, working in electronics, an area that people believe men are more superior than women. I’ve been overlooked as customers move onto the male co-worker, even though I can answer the same question. Here we have a professional pool player who works in the male-dominated sport and whose heckling is around her sex rather than her talent, unlike the men. Then you have a politician who’s continuously asked how she handles her family life with a career, unlike her male peers. This is all true. It’s also true that men and women aren’t equal, and we never will be. We are made to be different, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t know anything about electronics, playing pool, or having a career and a family, like our male counterparts. This show is worth a watch.

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