The Fifth Element (1997) Rated TV-PG

In the future, a cab driver becomes a carrier of a weapon that keeps evil from Earth. Starring Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, and Ian Holm.

I’m one that hails how great this film is. The story is interesting, and the cinematography is amazing. Although, I wasn’t pulled into this futuristic world or how it moves from a normal world to outlandish and off-the-wall in seconds. There isn’t much in the dialogue, and then, there is the nudity, and all the time, you’re wondering what’s going on.  I attribute all of that to it being a French film, and there isn’t a French film that doesn’t have nudity. There are crazy effects, though. Plus, Willis holds his own, and Milla Jovovich, as the supreme being, makes it even crazier. There are just too many wrongs for me to say that this film is alright. It’s not worth a watch.

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