The Deadly Companions (1961) Rated NR

An ex-army officer accidentally kills a woman’s son, so he tries to make up for it by escorting the funeral through Indian Territory. Based on the novel by A. S. Fleischman. Starring Maureen O’Hara, Brian Keith, and Steve Cochran.

This film is one that seems to get lost in American cinema. It was produced by O’Hara and her brother, Charles B. Fitzsimons. It was also directed by Sam Peckinpah, who struggled to work with O’Hara. The film has some disjointed scenes and continuity issues, but it does have great camera angles and action scenes. It was also wonderful to see O’Hara and Keith reunite in this film after The Parent Trap. I rather enjoyed this mess of a film and think it’s worth a watch.

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