Charmed (TheWB) Rated TV-14

Three sisters discover they are witches and must battle the dark forces that are against them. Starring Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, and Brian Krause.

First off, watching this after a few years, the style of the 90s is very apparent in the show. From the hair down to the shoes, it’s a completely accurate representation of how everyone looked in the 90s. Of course, Combs, Milano, and Doherty wore it best. They had the stylists and artists to help make them look good. The first episode has some plot concerns. For one, the sisters all say their parents aren’t witches, so they aren’t – but when the book was found and the spell was spoken, they all somehow believe they are witches. Not that they didn’t have things happen that wouldn’t enforce that belief. It’s evident that the show’s storyline will take you on a journey, and the relationships between sisters are stressed. This is a show that is worth a watch.

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