Below Deck Sailing Yacht (Bravo) Rated TV-14

A crew sails the Ionian Sea where they work hard and play hard. Starring Paget Berry, Ciara Duggan, and Adam Glick.

This reality show introduces you to the “below deck” life of a crew that sails a yacht for the rich. You have the crazy crew because you can’t have a reality show without crazies, and you get the crazy wealthy with unrealistic demands just to get them. I haven’t watched the other shows from the series, but I rather enjoyed this first episode. There wasn’t too much crazy, but I can only guess it will get crazier as the season goes on. I love the scenic scenes of the Ionian Sea and the crew seems normal for the most part. If the show starts implementing outlandish storylines, I might think otherwise, but right now it’s worth a watch.



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