Last Christmas (2019) Rated PG-13

Kate is a young woman who has given up on life until she meets Tom, who shows her there is more to life. Starring Madison Ingoldsby, Emma Thompson, Boris Isakovic, Emilia Clarke, and Henry Golding.

This is a cute story. I know when this was released, a lot of people didn’t like the twist. To me, the twist is kinda told in the trailer, so I don’t see why everyone was upset. We know someone is going to die, her or him. To me, it was a beautiful story about life and looking on the bright side of life. Sure, it’s not the best writing, and yes, it’s a love letter to George Michael – the story revolves around his songs. It’s a tongue in cheek story, but I sympathize with Kate. I can be Kate, looking at the negative side of life and not seeing the beauty around me. Sure, she’s selfish – we all can be selfish, especially when the world doesn’t seem to be on your side. I felt for her when she discovered Tom’s secret. Sure, she could be crazy, but when you want to see the best and can’t, you’ll imagine anything. This is a story worth a watch. 

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