Kids, Race and Unity: A Nick News Special (2020) Rated NR

Alicia Keys hosts this news special with experts to talk about race and racial injustice. Starring Tabitha Brown, Keedron Bryant, and Patrisse Cullors.

This show is a great starting point for discussion but lacks in-depth answers. I felt that, throughout the show, that the kids were used a propaganda rather than giving their true feelings or thoughts on the subject. However, the kids were able to talk about racism they experienced and how they felt about it. It also brought forward the feeling that we really have become a nation that is overly sensitive. It does try to talk at the child’s age level, but I would sit down with my kids and watch this with them. I would talk with them about all that’s discussed due to the fact that I don’t think it covers all sides of the issue. I struggle with whether this is worth a watch or not and find that I can not recommend it, making it not worth a watch.

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