Childhood’s End (2015) Rated NR

After peaceful Aliens have taken over the Earth, humanity learns how this utopia with the aliens work. Based on the book by Arthur C. Clarke. Starring Mike Vogel, Osy Ikhile, and Daisy Betts.

This miniseries has too much going on for you to dive into the story. The three episodes have different stories – the first is the new human liaison meeting the alien supervisor, the second episode is the humans submitting to the carefree living, and the third is the world making strange choices. These stories don’t flow together smoothly. It’s almost like you are watching three different shows rather than just one. Clarke’s story has a lot of big ideas that struggle to be understood in a three-episode miniseries. It tries to be a cinematic masterpiece, but it doesn’t hold up. This series is not worth a watch.

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