Mr. Miracle (2014) Rated TV-G

 A guardian angel poses as an English teacher, to help a woman find her way before christmas. Based on the story by Debbie Macomber. Starring Kendra Anderson, Candus Churchill, Andrew Francis, Rob Morrow

I was rather disappointed by this film. I thought with the story that this film was going to be cute story, a little like It’s a Wonderful Life, alas it is not.  Rob Morrow is a character I haven’t seen before. His angel is over the top. I don’t know if that was his doing or the director but it was more annoying than cute or lovable. It’s no wonder he’s having a hard time getting his wings. His character is what is the struggle getting through the film and the story didn’t help. It’s a story that has been done before but I just felt there is no warmth behind the story. This film is not worth a watch.

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