The Keepers (Netflix) Rated TV-MA

A docuseries about a nun’s death and the secrets that surround her murder. Starring Gemma Hoskins, Abbie Schaub, and Virginia Anzengruber.

This series is brilliant in storytelling. It takes us into the tale of  a nun who was trying to protect the girls that she taught. The series takes us down the winding road to find out what happened to Sister Cathy and the circumstances surrounding her death. It also makes your blood boil that there are people out there trying to cover up sexual abuse. It’s not the most focused documentary, and we do go around some things, leaving them unanswered and not talked about. There are things that should be questioned more and others that are not convincing. The documentary’s aim wasn’t to find all the answers, it is told because we need to find the answers to what happened to Sister Cathy. This series is worth a watch.


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