Magic Stocking (2015) Rated NR

A young widow’s daughter gets an old Christmas stocking at a craft sale. The girl believes it’s magical, but her mother does not. Starring Bridget Regan, Victor Webster, and Iris Quinn.

This is one of those untraditional Hallmark Christmas films. The story revolves around this Christmas stocking, and, overall, it’s written well and unfolds nicely, other than the magic stocking. I felt that the magic stocking wasn’t essential to the story. There was no point of the stocking throughout the movie. The whole magic thing was just out of place. If they had taken it out, it would be one wonderful Christmas Romance. There is magic in Christmas, but the way they weaved it in just felt out of place. The actors were wonderful, I’ve always enjoyed Victor Webster, but his performance wasn’t enough to uphold the film. This film is not worth a watch.

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