Shark vs. Whale (2020) Rated TV-PG

A routine drone surveillance captures a shark attacking a humpback whale. Starring Ryan Johnson and Ted Stewart.

This is an interesting film. Ryan Johnson, a marine biologist who works in South Africa, studies sharks. He discovers a whale that is struggling, and a shark that he follows also discovers the whale. We watch as the shark strategically and systematically attacks the whale on his own and takes the whale down. Sharks love to feed off whales due to the fact they can store the food longer inside them. It’s a great meal for the sharks. I felt for the whale as it couldn’t get away from the shark and wasn’t able to fight back. I know that this is the circle of life, but it’s not always easy to see. It’s not a very scientific show, but it was worth seeing the sea life in their natural habitat. This is worth a watch.  


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