The Bradshaw Bunch (E!) Rated TV-14

From real life hijacks, Terry Bradshaw and family juggle football, fame, and ranch life in Oklahoma. Starring Lacey Bradshaw, Rachel Bradshaw, and Tammy Bradshaw.

Well, this show is like all the other famous reality shows. We all know Terry Bradshaw’s antics, and we all know he loves doing them and they are staged. He probably would make a great reality show if it was an actual reality show. This show consists of his staged antics – there’s nothing that makes it real, and they aren’t good actors. They also bring out his granddaughter just to say one-liners. She’s pretty cute, and if those one liners are hers, she’ll go far. Although, I feel that she is being used to make the show funnier, when it would be interesting just to see them in everyday life. This show is not worth a watch. 

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