Falling for a Dancer (1998) Rated UR

 After a fling, a young woman in the 1930s marries a man she knows nothing about in order to keep her baby. Starring Elisabeth Dermot Walsh, Dermot Crowley, and Liam Cunningham. 

This is one of my favorites films of all time. It is known as one of Colin Farrell’s first films; thus, it came onto my radar. Although, Colin isn’t the highlight of the film. What I enjoyed about the film is the story. It’s a story about love and how it can be so blind, yet at the same time, encompasses you. This film made me fall in love with Liam Cunningham as the man who quietly loves the woman he can’t have. You also have the beautiful Irish country as the backdrop of the story. This film takes you on a journey of a life nobody wants yet everyone has. It follows the ups and downs of a life. This film is worth the watch. 

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