9/11: As We Watched (2016) Rated NR

Follows the story of 9/11 through ABCNews as the journalist tell the unfolding story of the attack on America. Starring Peter Jennings, Diane Sawyer, and George Stephanopoulus.

This TV Special recounts the ABC News, as the hours of 9/11 unfold. It tells in time the unsureness the of the situation and the tragedy of  what happened. It’s like you are reliving the day over, the mixed emotions, the shock and anger. As well as the proudness of our country as the hope that we would survive this tragedy. Now, the show has to cut a number of hours do to the fact that it was running 24 hours during that time period. It does show the chaoticness of the day as it unfolds. It was one of the worst days in America’s history. This is a show worth watching. 


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