Baskets (FX) Rated TV-MA

After failing out of clown college, Chip Baskets continues to hope that he will one day be a clown. Starring Zach Galifianakis, Martha Kelly, and Louie Anderson.

This show is brilliantly written with a great dry sense of humor. It’s funny, but not ha ha funny – except seeing Louie as a woman. He’s great, but I just couldn’t get past him as a woman. It’s one of those shows that finds the depression of people humorous. That sense of humor makes it hard to watch multiple episodes. It’s like one and done. The show might have done better if it had been a movie. It’s not a bad show, and I can see the enjoyment of it, but to me, it’s not funny enough to make it worth a watch. Thus, it’s not worth a watch.

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