New This Week on DVD, May 7, 2019

 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (PG)

It’s been five years since everything was awesome and the citizens are facing a huge new threat: Lego Duplo invaders from outer space, wrecking everything faster than they can rebuild. Starring Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett

 What Men Want (R)

A woman is boxed out by the male sports agents in her profession, but gains an unexpected edge over them when she develops the ability to hear men’s thoughts. Starring Taraji P. Henson, Kristen Ledlow, Josh Brener

 The Prodigy (R)

A mother concerned about her young son’s disturbing behavior thinks something supernatural may be affecting him. Starring Jackson Robert Scott, Taylor Schilling, Peter Mooney

 To Dust (R)

Shmuel, a Hasidic cantor in upstate New York, distraught by the untimely death of his wife, struggles to find religious solace, while secretly obsessing over how her body will decay. Starring Géza Röhrig, Matthew Broderick, Sammy Voit

 Her Smell (R)

A self-destructive punk rocker struggles with sobriety while trying to recapture the creative inspiration that led her band to success. Starring Elisabeth Moss, Cara Delevingne, Dan Stevens

 Blaze (R)

A reimagining of the life and times of Blaze Foley, the unsung songwriting legend of the Texas Outlaw Music movement. Starring Ben Dickey, Alia Shawkat, Charlie Sexton

 Everybody Knows (R)

Laura, a Spanish woman living in Buenos Aires, returns to her hometown outside Madrid with her two children to attend her sister’s wedding. However, the trip is upset by unexpected events that bring secrets into the open. Starring Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Ricardo Darín

 In Search of Greatness (PG-13)

Through the eyes of the greatest athletes of all time, IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS is a cinematic journey into the secrets of genius. Starring Wayne Gretzky, Jerry Rice, Pelé

 My Scientology Movie (NR)

Louis Theroux documents his investigation into what goes on behind the scenes of the infamous Church of Scientology. Starring Louis Theroux, Tom Cruise, Marty Rathbun

 Masterpiece Mystery: Unforgotten Season 3 (TV-MA)

London detectives investigate crimes from the past; unraveling secrets left buried for years. Starring Nicola Walker, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Lewis Reeves

 Floogals: Season 1, Volume 1 (TV-Y)

The adventures of three little aliens who, after arriving on Earth, move in with a family in order to learn about human interactions while staying hidden. Starring Rasmus Hardiker, Hugo Harold-Harrison, Dominique Moore

 Love, Of Course (TV-G)

When widowed mother Amy moves her only daughter, Cara to her out-of-state college dorm, Amy finds herself searching for the next step in her life. While at the university, Amy gets an offer she can’t refuse and meets Noah, a charismatic, well-traveled professor, and discovers a new life of her own. Starring Kelly Rutherford, Cameron Mathison, Makenzie Vega

 My Hero Academia: Season Three. Part One (TV-14)

A superhero-loving boy without any powers is determined to enroll in a prestigious hero academy and learn what it really means to be a hero. Starring Daiki Yamashita, Justin Briner, Nobuhiko Okamoto

 Better Call Saul: Season Four (TV-MA)

The trials and tribulations of criminal lawyer, Jimmy McGill, in the time leading up to establishing his strip-mall law office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Starring Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seehorn

 Andy The Talking Hedgehog (NR)

After a girl’s wish for all animals to have the ability to speak comes true, local robbers try to capture her talking hedgehog. Starring Beeblebrox Blaise, Dean Cain, Colleen Gentry

 Agatha Raisin: Series 2 (NR)

The Cotswolds-based PR guru turned amateur sleuth returns for a series of comedic murder-mysteries based on the books by M.C. Beaton. Starring Ashley Jensen, Matt McCooey, Katy Wix

 Liar: Season One (TV-14)

British psychological thriller in which schoolteacher Laura Nielson accuses renowned surgeon Andrew Earlham of rape. Starring Joanne Froggatt, Ioan Gruffudd, Zoë Tapper

 Britain’s Royals: The House of Windsor (NR)

From grand pageants to war for land, from a fascinated media and public to secret dealings and marriages with Hollywood celebrities, the Royal family of the United Kingdom has held us spellbound for centuries. Today there every statement and action is monitored and reported on to the masses. But it wasn’t always this way. The origins and evolution of the royal family is an amazing tale of tears and bloodshed. It is a world of high religion and low political scandal. It is a story with more intrigue and drama than any Hollywood blockbuster and has been told and retold. And yet, the whole royal system and history is a confusing world that most people, including the English, simply don’t understand. In this film, we will unravel the legends, myths and history of a family that has us held within its mesmerizing grip. What were the origins, what does it all mean? We will answer these and more questions and bring us up to date with the very latest births and marriages. From the Royal romances of Prince William and Kate Middleton to Prince Harry and Hollywood star, Meghan Markle. It’s time to enter the land of royalty. Starring Paul Hughes, Razor Keeves

 Nova: Rise of the Rockets (NR)

Private companies develop new ways to allow for more human activity in space; NASA builds a rocket that goes far beyond Earth. Starring Eric Meyers

 Unikitty: The Complete First Season (TV-Y7)

As ruler of the kingdom, Unikitty has busy days full of royal responsibilities. Unikitty is most interested in making sure everyone is happy and ridding the kingdom of negativity, but don’t misunderstand her optimism, she is one kitty not to be crossed. While she may be full of boundless energy and creativity, Unikitty is a force to be reckoned with if anyone gets in the way of spreading her positive vibes, especially if anyone makes her little brother and best friend, Puppycorn, sad. Also living in the castle are Dr. Fox, the resident scientist, and Unikitty’s trusty bodyguard, Hawkodile. Through it all, Unikitty and her friends make sure that every day is the happiest and most creative ever. Starring Kate Micucci, Tara Strong, Grey Griffin

 Baskets: The Complete Season Three (TV-MA)

After failing at a prestigious French clowning college, Chip Baskets looks to keep his dream of becoming a professional clown alive. Starring Zach Galifianakis, Martha Kelly, Louie Anderson

Synopsis by IMDB.

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