New This Week on DVD, December 22, 2020

 The War with Grandpa (PG)

Upset that he has to share the room he loves with his grandfather, Peter decides to declare war in an attempt to get it back. Starring Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Rob Riggle 

 Shortcut (R)

A mysterious creature terrorizes five teenage friends after their bus takes a shortcut on a desolate road in the wild. Starring Jack Kane, Zander Emlano, Zak Sutcliffe 

 Kajillionaire (R)

A woman’s life is turned upside down when her criminal parents invite an outsider to join them on a major heist they’re planning. Starring Evan Rachel Wood, Patricia Belcher, Kim Estes 

 Nova: A to Z (TV-G)

How the development of writing played a vital role in shaping world history, from the invention of paper to the printed book. Starring Jeannette Robinson

Synopsis by IMDB. 

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