New This Week on DVD, January 12, 2021

 Spell (R)

A man crash lands in rural Appalachia and awakens in the attic of a traditional Hoodoo practitioner. He desperately tries to break free from her dark magic and save his family from a sinister ritual before the rise of the blood moon. Starring Omari Hardwick, Loretta Devine, Lorraine Burroughs 

 Nova: Touching The Asteroid (TV-G)

Spacecraft OSIRIS-REx attempts to grab a piece of an asteroid to bring back to Earth so scientists can study it to learn about the planet’s origins. Starring Craig Sechler, Coralie Adam, Beau Bierhaus

 Nature: Australian Bushfire Rescue (TV-PG)

The rescue, rehabilitation and eventual release of koalas, kangaroos, wombats and endangered species of parrots that survived the bushfires in Australia. Starring Anja Taylor

 Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip (NR)

Energy freedom is at our fingertips, yet a powerful system is waging war against the solar industry and people’s rights. Jonathan Scott travels the USA confronting those at the root of the issue and meeting with ordinary citizens fighting back. Starring Jonathan Silver Scott, Bernie Sanders, Al Gore 

 Samuel: Last Of The Judges (NR)

This one-hour biblical drama recounts the thrilling story of the Old Testament prophet, Samuel. Samuel was called by God from a young age to speak God’s will to his people. Later, he would lead the Israelites in a decisive battle against the Philistines and would reluctantly appoint Israel’s first king. When King Saul disobeyed God, Samuel condemned him and secretly appointed David as King, setting off an epic struggle for power in the kingdom. This biblically accurate retelling dramatizes this crucial period in Israel’s history and highlights God’s high expectations for leaders. Dubbed in English from Bulgarian. 

 The Twilight Zone: The Complete Second Season (TV-MA)

An updated version of the classic anthology series featuring various tales of science fiction, mystery, and horror. Starring Jordan Peele, David Epstein, Kelly Ann Woods 

 Fashionably Yours (TV-G)

After years organizing fashion in the city, Lauren decides to move home. In exchange for her organizing services, mover Rob makes it his mission to help her see the beauty of Seattle. Starring Kat Graham, Kendrick Sampson, Jordan Claire Robbins 

 American Dream (NR)

Entrepreneurs Scott and Nicky are desperate for cash to finish their construction project. They turn to Russian mobster Yuri, but after refusing the funding he offered them, Yuri gets revenge by trying to take over their project. The partners are terrified and have nowhere to turn for help, until Nicky’s tough Russian girlfriend Ana decides to step in and help them. Starring Michiel Huisman, Luke Bracey, Nick Stahl

 Manifest: The Complete Second Season  (TV-14)

After being presumed dead, passengers onboard Flight 828 return and discover the world has aged five years. As they reintegrate into society, they begin to experience guiding voices and visions, and soon a deeper mystery unfolds. Starring Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis 

Synopsis by IMDB. 

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