Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum (PBS) Rated TV-G

Xavier Riddle and his friends have to solve a problem, so they head to the secret museum and go back in time to meet a childlike historical figure that helps them to understand the issue. Based on the book series,  Ordinary People Change the World by Brad Meltzer and Chris Eliopoulos. Starring Zoe Hatz, Aidan Vissers, and Wyatt White.

I have mixed reviews about this show. I always like shows that bring historical figures to life, especially for children. This show does do that, but it doesn’t do it well. The show mostly uses the historical figures to help the children with emotions, which isn’t bad. I’m not sure that it really needs to use historical figures if the show is based mostly around emotions. It puts the historical figures into the background and there is a lack of historical accuracy with the American heroes. I’m not sure if I would let my kids watch it when it is so historically inaccurate. It’s not worth the watch. 


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