Home Again with the Fords (HGTV) Rated NR

Siblings Leanne and Steve Ford moved back to the area they grew up in to help others update their homes. The houses have a lot of history, and their challenge is to keep the history while giving them a modern look. Starring Leanne Ford and Steve Ford.

The brother and sister team is a fun chemistry to watch. Although Leanne obviously enjoys what she does, it looks like Steve would rather tear down a wall. He’s there for her and what she wants done. I struggle with the choices they made to remake the home. I love old things, but to repaint them and make them other than what they were made for makes it hard for me to like the outcome. I know they had to work with what they had. I did enjoy the unique finds and getting the whole family involved in the remodel. However, this show is not worth the watch. 


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