Bad Date Chronicles (2017) Rated TV-PG

A woman who runs a blog about bad dates and a guy from a competing blog go on a date, which doesn’t go very well. When the woman posts about the date, her boss thinks they should go on more bad dates for the job. Starring Merritt Patterson, Justin Kelly, and Lanie McAuley.

This is a typical Pixl film. The music overshadows the dialogue and makes you want to watch the movie on mute. The story is a basic romantic comedy; there’s nothing to the storyline. The actors aren’t the best, but they aren’t the worst either. I thought the actors seemed to be miscast; there is little chemistry between them. It’s also very evident that it’s not a big budget production. There are basically only six characters throughout the film. This is one of those films that if your a romantic comedy buff it’s a fun watch, but otherwise, it’s not worth a watch. 

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