Lincoln: Divided We Stand (CNN) Rated NR

This miniseries looks at the life and journey of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. Starring Sterling K. Brown, Conan O’Brien, and Anthony Carvello.

I was a little bit nervous about how CNN was going to portray Pres. Lincoln. Will they give us the true history or the history they want us to believe? I felt that they gave us a little bit of both. It is true that Pres. Lincoln wasn’t a true abolitionist, but he did not believe in slavery – meaning he did not set out to abolish slavery, but he knew it was not Constitutional.  Although, the show did bring up that Lincoln, because of his relationship with his father, understood the slaves … I question how do Blacks today understand slavery if they have never been a slave themselves. Yes, they have the history and stories passed down, but to truly understand slavery comes from being enslaved. The history that CNN gives us of Pres. Lincoln is not very detailed, but rather a limited view of his life. It would be nice to hear more of his writings than the “experts” talking about their view of his life. Even so, this film is worth a watch. 

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