Kenan (NBC) Rated TV-PG

A recently widowed father tries to raise his kids while living with his father-in-law. Starring Kenan Thompson, Chris Redd, and Kimrie Lewis.

This show’s storyline is nothing new. How many comics have lost their wives and live with their in-laws? I think all of them. Kenan, who is usually funny, is struggling with the laughs, but I have to say that he pulls off the serious parts better. I think if they retooled the show a little and hired better writers, it would work. The other oddball is Don Johnson. He’s not funny either, and he looks out of place like he doesn’t know how to act alongside Kenan. It’s weird. There is no chemistry between them. I can see angles that the writers can go down, but if the cast can’t act or they don’t have chemistry, the show won’t last. This show is not worth the watch. 

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