New This Week on DVD, April 13, 2021

Willy's Wonderland - Wikipedia Willy’s Wonderland (TV-MA)

A quiet drifter is tricked into a janitorial job at the now condemned Willy’s Wonderland. The mundane tasks suddenly become an all-out fight for survival against wave after wave of demonic animatronics. Fists fly, kicks land, titans clash — and only one side will make it out alive. Starring Nicolas Cage, Emily Tosta, Beth Grant 

PRE-ORDER NATURE: Pumas - Legends of the Ice Mountains DVD ... Nature: Pumas Legends Of The Ice Mountains (NR)

Travel to the ice mountains of Chile to discover the secrets of the puma (aka panther, mountain lion and cougar) the area’s largest predator. Discover how this elusive cat survives and follow the dramatic fate of a puma and her cubs. Starring Uma Thurman

Covid 19: Inside Job - MVD Entertainment Group B2B COVID 19: Inside Job (NR)

The Jenner institute was given 1B by USA to produce “hundreds of millions” of doses of a vaccine that they have not tested on humans. This typically requires many years to produce, and yet this lab” “developed” it in 19 days. Through investigative research, John Hankey unfolds the origin of a possible Covid-19 vaccine through deep research into scientific papers, interviews, and testing. Starring John Hankey

Wedding Every Weekend (2020) - Watch on fuboTV, Hallmark ... Wedding Every Weekend (TV-G)

Nate and Brooke are going to the same four weddings, four weekends in a row. To avoid set-ups, they go together as “wedding buddies.” But what starts as a friendship soon becomes deeper. Starring Kimberley Sustad, Paul Campbell, Brandi Alexander 

Lady of Guadalupe Subtitles Download [All Languages & Quality] Lady Of Guadalupe (NR)

Based on true events, “Lady of Guadalupe” is a moving religious discovery juxtaposing folklore and the present day. Historically significant recreations are used to illustrate the origin of her prevalent and powerful symbolism of Mexican identity and faith. When a young and ambitious reporter (Guillermo Iván) is assigned an article on faith, he finds himself enmeshed in the legend of Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Skeptical of miracles and the importance of modern-day Christianity, the reporter’s investigation takes him from cynic to true believer as his personal limits are tested. Starring Guillermo Iván, Jesús Lloveras, Kimberley Aria Peterson 

Ancient Aliens Season 13 Release Date, News & Reviews ... Ancient Aliens: Season 13 (TV-PG)

Science and mythology – and how they are the same thing. Starring Robert Clotworthy, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, David Childress 

Synopsis by IMDB. 

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