Frasier (NBC) Rated TV-PG

Dr. Frasier Crane moves back home to Seattle, where his father moves in with him and he works as a radio psychiatrist. Starring Kelsey Grammer, Jane Leeves, and David Hyde Pierce.

Frasier is a spinoff from the television show Cheers. It’s a brilliantly written show. The humor is intelligent. The casting is superb. They even have chemistry from the get go. The show is one of the best spinoff tv series. However, there are problems with the show. The jokes can be repetitive, and Frasier and his brother are, at times, obnoxious. The show works due to the fact that Frasier wasn’t a main character on Cheers, so the fans didn’t know much about him. They had free reign to make him who they wanted to make him. This show is worth a watch. 

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