Steve Jobs (2015) Rated R

This film goes behind the scenes of three different product launches and focuses on the man behind the digital revolution, Steve Jobs. Starring Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, and Seth Rogen.

This film doesn’t dive into the life of Jobs; it just highlights three different launches of Apple products. We get a taste of who Jobs was but not an in-depth character study. The film is brilliantly acted amongst the cast members. Fassbender brings us the ego and condescension that is typical Jobs, and Winslet really portrays Hoffman with her accent and wallflower personality. Rogen brought forth Wozniak’s corks and his plea to try to remain friends with Jobs. This film doesn’t put Jobs in a good light, but what it does is make him the most human. He, at one time, could be a bad father and then a loving one. It’s not a bad film, but the performance by Fassbender makes the film worth a watch.

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