ER (NBC) Rated TV-14

This series follows the lives, loves, and losses of the doctors and nurses at Chicago’s County General Hospital. Starring Noah Wyle, Laura Innes, and Laura Cerón.

This show starts off great and as real as it could with the depiction of life in the Emergency Room. The characters come and go, and the stories start out great, but over time, they become more soap opera-y and redundant. Many stories were overdone. The show is revolutionary in its camera work around a busy ER. The characters are all in depth, and each gets their chance to be highlighted. The show does go through amazing cast changes over the 15 years it was on TV. Although, I felt that it did overstay it’s welcome on TV as most of the original cast members left by the end. However, the first 9 years are definitely worth a watch.

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