New This Week on DVD, May 18, 2021

 Tom and Jerry (PG)

A chaotic battle ensues between Jerry Mouse, who has taken refuge in the Royal Gate Hotel, and Tom Cat, who is hired to drive him away before the day of a big wedding arrives. Starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Tom

 Minari (PG-13)

A Korean family starts a farm in 1980s Arkansas. Starring Alan S. Kim, Yeri Han, Noel Cho 

 The Father (PG-13)

A man refuses all assistance from his daughter as he ages. As he tries to make sense of his changing circumstances, he begins to doubt his loved ones, his own mind and even the fabric of his reality. Starring Olivia Colman, Anthony Hopkins, Mark Gatiss

 Supernova (R)

Sam and Tusker are traveling across England in their old RV to visit friends, family and places from their past. Since Tusker was diagnosed with dementia two years ago, their time together is the most important thing they have. Starring Colin Firth, Stanley Tucci, Pippa Haywood 

 Loud House: Road Tripped Season 3, Volume 1 (TV-Y7) 

Lincoln Loud is an eleven-year-old boy who lives with ten sisters. With the help of his right-hand man Clyde, Lincoln finds new ways to survive in such a large family every day. Starring Grey Griffin, Lara Jill Miller, Jessica DiCicco 

 The Alienist: Angel of Darkness (TV-MA)

Newspaper illustrator John Moore meets with criminal psychologist (alienist) Dr. Laszlo Kreizler to investigate a serial killer in New York during the late 19th century. Starring Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans, Robert Wisdom 

 The Salisbury Poisonings (TV-14)

Fact based drama about the Novichok poisoning crisis in Salisbury in 2018. Starring Anne-Marie Duff, Annabel Scholey, Rafe Spall 

 Shadow Lines: Season One (NR)

During the 1950s, Helsinki was the focal point of the Cold War, as global powers and their intelligence agencies coalesced in the small neutral country that stood between the East and the West. Sphere of Shadows is an international spy thriller that follows a secret intelligence team whose mission is to defend the independence of Finland no matter the cost. Starring Emmi Parviainen, Olavi Uusivirta, Sampo Sarkola 

 Above Suspicion (R)

The story that lead to the first conviction for murder of an FBI agent. Starring Emilia Clarke, Jack Huston, Sophie Lowe 

 Kid Brainiac: Season 1 (NR)

When young genius Felix Brainiac teams up with his time-traveling dinosaur pal Big T, the duo sets out on an amazing adventure, going where no kid and dino have gone before! They enlist the help of Grandpa Brainiac, the great genius who has taught Felix everything he knows. As Grandpa Brainiac scours space and time in his ultra modern spaceship, he teaches Felix and Big T all the facts and all the knowledge! Kid Brainiac Season 1 will take kids on a wonderful adventure discovering cool reptiles, far-away galaxies, our amazing solar system and even the tiny world that can only be seen with a microscope! Join Kid Brainiac and Big T for an unforgettable learning adventure! Starring Sally Rey, Larry Turning

Synopsis by IMDB. 

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