The Big Valley (ABC) Rated TV-PG


The western adventures of the Barkley family in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Starring Richard Long, Peter Breck, and Lee Majors.

This show is a fun family western with a great family moral theme. The family works together in order to get the job done. They depend on each other and help each other out when need be. They are not a perfect family and have to work though their own issues within. The cast is perfect, and the chemistry among them is wonderful to watch. The downfall is that it’s like any other western you would watch; there isn’t anything new to the show. However, it does have Linda Evans and Lee Majors at the start of their careers. The show also has Barbara Stanwyck as the matriarch of the family and the Hollywood staple in the show. All in all, it’s a series that is still worth a watch. 

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