Prime Suspect: The Lost Child (1995) Rated NR

Superintendent Jane Tennison heads an investigation of an abducted baby. Starring Helen Mirren, Beatie Edney, and Robert Glenister.

There are a couple of things about the Prime Suspect series that bother me. One, Helen Mirren’s character’s hair and makeup change each installment. Second, not all characters come back each time. When you have the series take place only hours or weeks from the previous, these issues are more blatant. It’s not explained why the characters are not there; it’s just a whole new team. Now, Tennison’s hair and makeup changes are just as obvious, adult women do not change those as dramatically every week. This episode of the Prime Suspect series doesn’t have as many twists and turns as the others. I figure out the murder before Tennison. So, for me, the writing is one of the worst in this series. However, this series is still worth a watch.

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