Breaking Bobby Bones (NatGeo) Rated NR

Radio Personality Bobby Bones travels the country to showcase challenging jobs and the people that inspire us. Starring  Bobby Bones.

This show is a typical reality show as Bones travels around the United States meeting people who do challenging jobs. They, in turn, challenge Bones to do their job in a time frame of two hours. In the first episode, Bones cleans the bottom of the sky walk over the Grand Canyon. The challenge for Bones is that he is a afraid of heights, and while that is a challenge, I’m not sure if he’s really afraid of heights. That’s beside the point; it’s a typical reality show and has a feel-good ending. I just don’t know if the show is really worth a watch amongst the many other reality shows out there. Bones tries to make the jobs interesting, but they aren’t shocking or unknown. It’s not the best reality show, making it not worth the watch.

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