Endangered Species (2021) Rated R

A family takes their dream vacation in Kenya but they venture off into a wilderness park, where they are attacked by a Rhino. Starring Rebecca Romijn, Philip Winchester, and Isabel Bassett.

I have mixed feelings about this film. One, this is a very typical thriller film; it’s almost like you know exactly what is going to happen before it does. Two, as with a typical thriller film, the characters are STUPID. Yes, I said it – especially Romijn’s character. She was pushing for the wrong decisions at every point; although, her acting was spot on with a lack of awareness of the bad decisions she was pushing for. What I loved about the film was the family. They just oozed family togetherness and love that should be in all films. I actually would recommend it just for that. It’s obvious that the family is a blended family, but they make a point that the fact that they’re blended does not matter. If the story had been better and maybe included a few more scares, I would say that it’s worth it, but alas, it’s not worth a watch. 

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