Unforgiven (1992) Rated R

A retired gunslinger takes on one last job with his old partner and a young wannabe gunslinger. Starring Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, and Morgan Freeman.

This is a quintessential Western film. It has everything a classic Western has: a hero, a shootout, and a conflict of morality. But, is it a good Western? Well, the acting is good, and the cinematography is beautiful. The story is one that is excellent to watch, even if it’s unoriginal. The script, while good, does include a more modern take on a Western. While most Westerns have a good versus bad storyline, this film blurs the lines with the hero being a bad guy. It’s a character-driven film and story, and its modern take makes it interesting. However, the conflict of killing throughout the film doesn’t really make much sense. Still, the film is one that is worth the watch.

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