Superstar (ABC) Rated NR

This series takes an inside look and shares rare footage of the superstars that shaped American Culture. Starring Chris Connelly, Brandy Norwood, and Amy Yasbeck.

This series takes a good look at celebrities that have left us too soon. We follow the life and career of each celebrity as they changed the way their career was perceived, including some good and some bad turns they faced. It interviews those around them, from family and friends to coworkers. It’s an interesting and fun show. Although, the let down is that some of the celebrities that are highlighted aren’t ones I would necessary call mavericks or superstars. However, those always seem to be in the eye of the beholder. They were people I would call trailblazers or great at their craft but not superstars. It’s still interesting to see the highlights of their lives. This show is worth a watch.

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