Missing Dial (NatGeo) Rated NR

In July 2014, Cody Roman Dial Jr. vanished while doing a solo trek through the jungle in Central America. The evidence soon indicates foul play, and a team of explorers and FBI agents follow Dial’s trail to discover answers to his vanishing. Starring Ken Fournier, and Carson Ulrich.

I thought this would be an interesting documentary about a true crime, but it lacked everything needed to be interesting. The investigators don’t go after the facts. Instead, they tend to spend their time cornering people on information that is obvious they don’t have. The investigators spend most of the time driving around the countryside of Costa Rica without much going on. They go down a lot of paths that don’t make sense, causing more upset than needed. This seems more like a fictional documentary than an investigation really trying to make sense of what happened. This show is not worth a watch.

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