Jane Austen: Behind Closed Doors (2017) Rated NR

Historian Lucy Worsley travels to the places that Jane Austen knew and lived to better understand her and the world of her novels. Starring Lucy Worsley, Debbie Charlton, and Jeanice Brooks. 

Lucy Worsley does what she does best; she takes you into the world of Austen and the life she led. She also weaves the parallel life that Austen had with her characters. Worsley brings her own knowledge,  enthusiasm, and her style to showcase Austen’s life. I love that Worsley loves history and her enthusiasm is contagious. There is a good mix of the land, Worlsey’s contributions, and the monologues by actress Gwendolen Chatfield. By the way, Chatfield should really play Elizabeth Bennet; she was brilliant with Austen’s sense of humor. This is a documentary worth watching. 

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