New Mid Season TV Series Premieres 2022

Next Level Chef😂😂 || Vlog 31|| Rimple Rimps Life - YouTube Next Level Chef (FOX) Rated NR

Gordon Ramsay, Nyesha Arrington, and Richard Blais compete together on what is the next evolution in cooking competitions. Starring Gordon Ramsay, Richard Blais, Nyesha Arrington

Premieres on January 2nd

Around the World in 80 Days - NEW AQA GCSE 2022 SET TEXTS Around the World in 80 Days (PBS) Rated NR

Gentleman adventurer Phileas Fogg sets out on a quest to travel around the world and back home in a period of 80 days. Starring David Tennant, Leonie Benesch, Peter Sullivan

Premieres January 2nd

Serial The Gilded Age (2022) - Gdzie obejrzeć | Netflix ... The Gilded Age (HBO) Rated NR

A wide-eyed young scion of a conservative family embarks on a mission to infiltrate the wealthy neighboring clan dominated by ruthless railroad tycoon George Russell, his rakish son, Larry, and his ambitious wife, Bertha. Starring Cynthia Nixon, Christine Baranski, Sullivan Jones

Premieres January 24th

'Law and Order' Revival Premiere Date: Season 21 on NBC ... Law & Order (NBC) Rated TV-14

Follows a crime (usually a murder), usually adapted from current headlines, from two separate vantage points, the police investigation and the prosecution in court. Starring Anthony Anderson, Hugh Dancy, Jeffrey Donovan

Premieres February 24th

Super Pumped: The Battle For Uber debutterà a febbraio ... Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber (Showtime) Rated NR

The roller-coaster ride of the upstart transportation company, embodying the highs and lows of Silicon Valley. Starring Kais Boukthir, Anna MacDonald, Sam Russell

Premieres on February 27th

Synopsis by IMDB.

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