The Fixers (BYUtv) Rated NR

A reality TV series where experienced builders go to remote locations around the world to build a structure in need. Starring Nick Apostolides, Ariel Myren, and Kirin Stone.

This show is great. They take experienced carpenters into remote areas in need, and in a week, they construct a building that’s needed. The experts seem legit, but I wonder with their filmography credits – how solid is their carpentry expertise, really? They are hard workers, and they are trying to make a difference in the land that they go to. Of course, building out a site within a week’s time is not without its problems. One, they are in a remote location with limited supplies. Two, each destination has its weather issues to work with. However, they do bring out the locals to help. It’s more than just another reality show. It’s worth a watch.

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